Take care of Bees! Take care of Life. Bees means Life.

Take care of Bees

As the the old beekeepers say:

Nature has ceased to give honey generously. In the old days was vintage that today beekeepers have not seen either in their sleep.”

Honey production has fallen dramatically, the flowering have become very sensitive, and year after year things get more difficult. The weather goes against the colonies, and this is an imponderable factor that nobody can tame. But this is not all. Farmers sprinkle without limit on the flowering, and kill the bees. The fires, illegal logging and anything associated with man constantly degrades our plant wealth!

Many beekeepers attach this great fall to climate change, global warming and human activity that continually raping the environment in any way. As some beekeepers say, nature to punish us, punishes bees, since they depend from the life of all living things on this planet!

As Einstein said, if bees lost, humanity has fewer than three years of life. From bees flowers pollinate, and without them plants can not produce fruit. It is a two way communication link that occurs in the last million years, and only the man will be able to break. And when the chain breaks, the consequences will be dire.

So let’s all focus on helping the bee each in his own way.

How can you help Bees?

Planting bee plants in your garden! Planting almond trees, cherry, apricot, peach trees on your property, help nature become so rich as the old days!

If each of us planted a bee plant bee would have a richer environment with more food!

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